A group of administrators (Nur Şahin and Nevra Öztorun Coşkun) and teachers (Nermin Şerif Nemlioğlu, Elif Çınar and Aslı Kaşdarma from İstanbul Marmara High Schools participated in “Education Technology Summit” organized Şişli Radisson Blu Hotel on March 3rd, 2018. The summit starting at 08:30 lasted until 18:30. The summit hosted inspiring seminars and panels given by many spokesperson and educators. The summit included various interesting panels given by the Turkish and foreign educators on “artificial intelligence”, “the methods to use current and global issues in the lessons”, “a different approach to libraries”, “story and dramatization”, “end of the world that we know”, “cyberbullying vs. cyber empathy” etc. ended with the inspiring closing speech given by Emin Çapa, the economist and journalist. The famous journalist underlined the effects of technological developments on education along with all areas of life that are triggered by a unique increase in collecting data throughout the history. The speech summarizing the position of Turkey in the developing world had a great impact on the audiences.