12-B class students of our school made a democratic election practice under the title of "Totalitarian Regimes and Society" in the unit "Global Changes Between Two World Wars" within the scope of TITC Sociology course. The democratic choice was made by 12-IB students as an online presentation to 11-IB students under the guidance of their teacher Burcu Oraz, through the TEAMS program. The students prepared the presentation by using both visual and audio materials, the policies and promises of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, one of the important political figures of the period. The presentation started by explaining the elections, which are the necessities of democracy, to 11-IB students, and later, with the drama method, 12-IB students played the figures of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin and explained the promises of the mentioned political characters to the public. At the end of the 45-minute online presentation, 11-IB students participated in the political elections as German, Italian and Russian people and determined their management style by democratic election. The results were evaluated by the students and information was given about the necessity of elections and totalitarian regimes. As a result, our students have learned to collaborate between lower and upper classes, to fulfill the requirements of online education with peer support, and to evaluate units.