How Many Points Would You Give For This Coffee?

Under the guidance of their TOK teacher, Aslı Kaşdarma, 11 IB students Melisa Eren, Mina Eren, Alp Yurter, İpek İlan, and Zeynep Erzincan conducted an experimental study which showed that although our senses are a very important way of attaining information, they may not be very reliable under certain conditions. Inspired by a TED talk event, students prepared their own experiment format, discussing how this experiment could be applied to school conditions as a “Theory of Knowledge” and “CAS” collaboration.

On November 6, 2019, students from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades volunteered filter coffee samples of the same brand, saying they had two different brands. The fact that 98% of volunteers giving two samples different scores out of 10 was a result that supported the hypothesis that our senses could be misled by expectations and referrals.

Our students who have developed themselves in the fields of experimentation and application of the scientific method by experiencing the difficulties and excitement at each stage, both to reach knowledge and to cooperate, shared the result with the school community.