Marmara Vocational High School students interviewed female employees who started to work at Şehir Hatları Inc. for Avaz magazine.

 For the first time, female seafarers started to work at the 169-year-old IMM City Lines. The goal of five young female sailors, aged between 19-23, who had naval education at high school and university , is to be a captain on ships. İrem İnecük and Gün Şeftalioğlu, one of the 12th grade students of Marmara Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Radio and Television, went to Haliç Shipyard and interviewed Aynur Avcı, one of the five female employees, for Avaz magazine. Avcı is one of the five young women who took their first steps in shipping by completing their high school internship on the Şehir Hatları ferries. Stating that she has been a sea lover since childhood, Aynur Avcı; “When I was a maritime student, I was told 'Don't be a seafarer, be a nurse, teacher, doctor'. After my graduation, I applied to some places for a job. However, because I was a woman, they wouldn't even look at my CV. It was said, "What is the woman doing on the ship? I thought that, by applying to Kariyer.ibb, I could get one step closer to my dream. So it happened. I get very good responses from passengers while on duty. "There are people who pray, say" Mashallah ", they even applaud." We wish success to all young people who study in Vocational High Schools and work in their dream job after graduation.