Begüm Karahasanoğlu's Success in AFS

Begüm Karahasanoğlu, the student at Marmara College 9th Grade has been entitled to study in America during 2017-2018 Academic Year within the scope of AFS program. We congratulate our student. She expresses her feelings and thoughts as follows:

 “In summer I watched a video on Youtube about someone who studied in USA for a year within the scope of high school exchange program. While I was watching, I thought I should also experience high school education abroad. Meanwhile the school started; there was a meeting about AFS (student exchange program). After that informative seminar I decided to go. It was highly difficult for me, indeed; it is still difficult, because it is hard to leave behind all your beloved ones including the family and friends. My family respected and supported my decision as always. Although my friends were upset that I am leaving, they felt happy in the name of me. I advise that everyone should pursue their dreams, because life smiles you somehow and you’ll understand that nothing is impossible with efforts.  There is a long way for me and I will try my best. These are my dreams and I am the only one who could make them true.”

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