“Men, I am not ordering you to attack. I am ordering you to die. In the time that it takes us to die, other forces and commanders can come and take our place.”                           

                                                                                           Mustafa Kemal-Conkbayırı

In Dardanelles where the fate of Turkish people changed 102 years ago, there had been a series of wars that lasted about 10 months; and 252 thousand Turkish, 250 thousand British, French, Australian and New Zealander soldiers died.

The event within the scope of the 102nd anniversary of Gallipoli War organized by the Marmara Private Vocational Anatolian High School students at Hasan Ali Yücel Hall started with a moment of silence and Turkish National Anthem in the memory of Colonel Mustafa Kemal and the precious martyrs. Following the poem named “Dur Yolcu” written by Necmettin Halil Onan, cited by Murat Atıl, the program continued with the reasons of the war which had caused losses for both the allied and the central powers. The program with the theme of the Gallipoli War, which is one of the most important wars not only for Turkish history but also for the recent world history continued with emphasizing the importance of the war for both Turkish and world history. Various poems were cited and the students staged the story of Seyit Onbaşı who changed the fate of the Gallipoli War. Then, Sunay Akın, the writer told a story based on a real story experienced during the Gallipoli War.  Citing the letter written by Mehmet Tevfik Bey, the lieutenant to his mother, father and sister on May 31, 1915 at Arıburnu Front, the program ended with the folk song named Çanakkale Türküsü.

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