Marmara College hosted seventeen middle schools and approximately a hundred people during the Scrabble Tournament organized between 6-7 December 2016.

The tournament with broad participation consisted of four rounds and lasted for two days. Starting with a magnificent opening ceremony, the tournament was continued with dance and music shows and certification ceremony. The rounds started as soon as the tournament details and tables were announced. The first two rounds were organized on December 6 and the third and fourth rounds were organized on December 7. The first tour was performed by 20 tables and 68 students; the second tour was performed by the people came in first and second at the tables on the first day of the tournament. On December 7 the semi-final and final tours were organized. The students of our school were the referees. The games were challenging and enjoyable.

Karun Arslan and Rina Akbaş the students at Bezciyan Armenian Private School came in first and second respectively. Emrehan Çelik, the student at Derya Öncü Private Middle School came in third; and Ceylin Erdal, the student at Marmara Private Middle School came in fourth. The award for the champion is MP3 player, for the second is wireless speaker, for the third is Scrabble game and for the fourth is English dictionary. The students ranking the highest were granted with their awards by Mehmet Alkan, Marmara Education Institutions High Schools Principal, Neşe Sarışın, the Head of Foreign Language Department and Pınar Çırpanlı, the tournament coordinator.

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