Russian novelist Gorki says: “Science is the poetry of the mind and poetry is the science of heart.” French philosopher and poet Lamartine defines poetry as the “dreams of the superior intelligence”. According to the famous German thinker, poet and writer Novalis (Hardenberg), “What the mind breaks, poetry mends.” Famous poet İsmet Özel replies Novalis: “Then it goes on and breaks the heart.” No matter how it is defined; a poem tells us that somewhere, someone has cast an anchor at life. With reference to the fact that the greatest creations come out of the exchange between art and science, the future scientists, senior students of Marmara Science High School, have set their hearts on poetry.

On November 7th, students of Science High School Class 12 A have performed successfully at the poetry recitation that they prepared with the guidance of their literature teacher Handan Sözbilen. During the recitation they gave voice to the distinguished poets of Turkish and Western Literature through their poems. The poets interacted with each other and the audience through time with question&answers, dialogues and conversations. Sometimes they gave advice to the youth, sometimes they complained about old age, death and separation. Sometimes they looked out their own windows to life while asking us see the life through their eyes. They visited almost 40 poets who have cast their anchors at life; such as Fuzuli, Shakespeare, Orhan Veli, Nazım Hikmet, Tevfik Fikret, Edgar Allan Poe, Namık Kemal, Gevheri, Aragon, Emrah of Erciş, Rasit, Baudelairé, Karacoğlan, Nedim, Didem Madak, Lamartine, Necip Fazıl, Halide Nusret, Lale Müldür and Birhan Keskin.           

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