“Put a Brick on the Wall of Future”

Marmara College European Youth Parliament (EYP) Club members, ten of whom were delegate and one was responsible for media tasks, participated in 6th National Youth Forum (EYF) organized by Enka Schools between 9-12 December. The theme of the forum was “Put a Brick on the Wall of Future” this year. Within the scope of the conference that was in English and lasted for four days, the youngsters tried to suggest solutions for political, economic, environmental and human right issues based on the philosophy; “If we set our future successfully, we could defeat the tragedies and sorrows.”

The student İdil Türk attracted attention with her successful opening speech and the other student Ezgi Menteş with her closing speech in Enka Youth Forum that they attended with the History Teacher Zülal Eroğlu and the English Teacher Sitem Sipahi, the counsellors of European Youth Parliament Club. The students Göksu Sönmez, Tuana Akbulut,Pelin Gökkuş,Fazıl Cansızoğlu, Deniz Oruç, Nadide Tumper, Şevval Arslan,Ezgi Menteş, İdil Türk, İda Yaz İçbak, Ecem Terzioğlu taking part in Enka Youth Forum in which the experienced European Youth Parliament delegate Deniz Oruç also attended as the media representative were entitled to receive certification as a result of their successful works.

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