Our 11th grade student Onur Can Özdemir, who studies German as a second foreign language, successfully represented our school at KUNST DES REDENS 2018, “German Rhetoric Contest”, which was hosted by FMV Işık Private High School.

 In the competition held on December 18, 2018, at Sacit Öncel Hall; the students talked about a three-minute topic, which they had prepared and answered the questions of the jury about their subjects at the end of their speeches.

The jury consisted of; Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Tapan and Gülbin Ezel from Goethe Institude, the owner of Turkish-German bookstore Thomas Mühlbauer, the former president of Turkish German Teachers Association Petek Gökçe, the former vice president of Turkish German Teachers Association Melitta Huber Armağan and the former board member of Turkish German Teachers Association Neslihan Özgürler.

 We congratulate Onur Can Özdemir for his successful representation of our school among strong competitors with his “Hiphop History and Culture” presentation and wish him a continued success.

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