Our Education Model

The education period of Marmara Private Anatolian Vocational High School is 4 years. The aim of the school is to provide that the students practically consolidate what they learn theoretically at science, foreign language, computer and vocation lessons.

At Marmara Private Anatolian Vocational High School we have well-equipped laboratories, ateliers, studios and special purpose classrooms. Our computer labs have the necessary qualities for the students to carry out vocational practices and get necessary knowledge of their future profession. Our Radio-TV studios also have the necessary equipment which provides that students transform their vocational knowledge into practical skills and enhance their knowledge via various modern implementations.

Our school has the characteristic of being a first in the field of Radio-TV. At the special photography studio and laboratory of our school photography education is given. Marmara Private Anatolian Vocational High School is an unmatched school which gives photography education. Our students exhibit the photographs they take within the scope of various projects held in and out of the school are exhibited in the galleries and boards set in the school. In this way they find the opportunity to join the contests in this field to represent their school.

Our modern classrooms are designed so as to prepare our students both to the university and their prospective lives. Our Electric-Electronic labs also present the ideal athmosphere where students can practically acquire the technical knowledge that lays the foundation of their prospective profession.

Marmara Private Anatolian Vocational High School students edit the frames they collected from various settings according their own scenarios in line with the information they theoretically acquire along the year, montaging and dubbing them in the school studios. And exhibiting their products in the end of the academic year, they feel the right pride of receiving the recompense for their work.

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