Application for IB Diploma Programme

The process takes into consideration that an average year-end grade in English Language course should not be less than 70% in 10th grade. Overall academic and personal evaluation on student performance by their teachers will help students be encouraged to sign up for DP.

Students who can take on an intensive load of studies, who have self-discipline to complete work in due time and who feel that this program will fulfil their specific aspirations will take part in DP. The interested students will be reviewed and orally inter- viewed to see whether they qualify for school learner profile.


1. They will need to apply the latest by the 30th May.

2. A student’s 10th Grade final English Grade has to be a minimum of 70 out of 100

3. The grade point average at the end of 10th Grade has to be a minimum of 65 out of 100.

4. No subjects should have been failed.

5. The student should not have taken any disciplinary action of any kind.


1. The class and branch teachers as well as the school counsellor should give positive reviews of the student’s personal and academic performance.

2. Should Turkish and English interviews be required, a positive assessment from the selection committee members is required.

3. The approval of the College Principal is required in the final phase

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