Attendance, Absence, Reports And Permissions

(from the Ministry of National Education, Regulation on Secondary Education Institutions, released on 7 September, 2013 on Official Gazette)


Coming Late, Absence, Discharge

Coming Late

ARTICLE 35- (1) How the students coming late will be accepted to the lessons and the duration for acceptance are determined by the board of teachers and announced to parents and students at the beginning of the academic year. Latenesses except from those for the first lesson are considered as absence. 

Attendance, Absence, Discharge

ARTICLE 36- (1) Attendace to school is compulsory. Parents are responsible for providing their children’s attendace to school. According to Article 26 of Basic Law of National Education, school administrators, directors of national education and local authorities take the necessary precautions related to the enrollment and attendance of the students to school. 

(2) Concerning the execution;

a) Students who are absent from school is registered on the attendance form And the e-school system.

b) The absence duration of the ones who are absent more than the total daily course hour is registered as full-day absence, while others are registered as half-day absence.

c) Disciplinary action is taken against the students who are absent from school for two successive days and more without excuse or who do not attend the lessons though they are at school.

(3) Students who attend science, drama, sport, music, folklore and skills contests or similar educative and cultural activities at home or abroad or the preparatory works for these are considered permitted within the periods they cannot attend lessons and this absence period is not considered as absence. The students who attend such activities at home are given permission by provincial directorates of national education, while the ones attending such activities abroad are given permission by local authorities. In order for the determination of the academic standing of these student, they should get course grades for both semesters.

(4) The situation of the students who are absent from school is reported to their parents via e-mail or other means of communication within the same day. Besides, the situation of the students who make a habit of absence is reported to their parents in the end of every fifth day of their period of absence and they are asked to deliver a students excuse form to the school administration. The situation of the students who exceed the 5-day period of absence without excuse and 40-day total absence limit is reported to the parents who are asked to provide the students’ attendance to the school.

(5) Students who exceed the 10-day period of absence without excuse and 45-day absence limit in total are deemed unsuccessful, regardless of their lesson grades. However, the total absence period of the students who require inclusion and special education is 60 days. . The students who are deemed unsuccessful and have the right of education continue to the school next academic year. As fort he ones who do not have the right grade repetition are discharged from the school and are canalized to Vocational/Open Education High Schools. .

(6) Notifications to the parents about the absence of students are made via certified mail. If necessary, other means of communication are used in accordance with the regulation articles.

(7) Excuse forms or written parent declarations regarding the absence period of the students shoul be delivered to the school administration within 5 work days following the day of absence at the latest anda re registered to the e-school system. In compulsory situations, the delivery period of the excuse form may be prolonged to 20 work days at most.

 (8) Attendance to recovery schedules is compulsory. If the students are absent (with or without excuse) from these compulsory recovery schedules one-sixth of the total course hours, they are deemed unsuccessful regardless of their grades.

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