The “Best Buddies Turkey Club” that was established in Marmara Education Institutions in 2013-2014 academic year as a part of a social responsibility project, works hard this year, too.

“Best Buddies” was established in the USA in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shriver while “Best Buddies Turkey” was established in the 50th application area of the programme, Turkey, in 2011. “Best Buddies” is an international social project that has 950 thousand volunteers and works worldwide in more than 1500 secondary schools, high schools and universities. 

Marmara Education Institutions hosted Fidan Karaahmetoğlu on October 5th 2018, who is the official program coordinator of “Best Buddies Turkey” project that carries on its works in AYDER (Alternative Life Association). After the seminar themed “Providing acceptance as well as creating awareness in the society for mentally and physically disabled individuals who are also socially handicapped” was carried out with the students, volunteer students supporting the project and Best Buddies Club teachers Melek Karahan and Damla Uluöz Memiş initiated the cooperation with “Mediha Turhan Tansel Special Training Application Center”. In November 2018, volunteer students supporting the project participated in the “Right Approach to the Disabled and Leadership Training” seminars.

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