Counsellor/Advisor System

All the teachers in Marmara Private College are responsible for the education of the students. Moreover, each student has an advisor teacher and each advisor teacher helps the student to reach the goals, contributes them to solve the problems and supports their development by means of weekly meetings. The psychological counsellors guide the Advisors and direct the process.

AIM: The aim is to give the process prominence instead of applying the conventional result-oriented method as following the academic development of the students and to achieve taking the required precautions by observing the peripheral factors.

The Advisor System is based on following and observing the students carefully and providing the support process required promptly.

In other words, the Advisor System is applied in order to follow the development of students closely and not to fail to notice the problems with the slightest importance. The Advisor System is completely different from Homeroom Teacher System, in which it is difficult to deal with all the students in the classroom for the teachers. However, in the Advisor System each advisor teacher has less number of student and the advisors and students could conveniently meet either during course hours or after the course.

Duties and Responsibilities of Advisors

  • To analyze the behaviors and achievements of the students not only on the basis of result-oriented manner but also on the basis of attaching importance to the process, 
  • To meet with the homeroom teacher, psychological counsellor, assistant principal and the branch teachers of the students and carry out mutual evaluations. These meetings are held in an hour determined mutually by the homeroom teacher, psychological counsellor and the assistant principal weekly.
  • To have face time with the students during spare times in the school, 
  • To realize the mistakes in advance and take precautions,
  • To follow the academic, social and emotional development of the students they are responsible for,
  • To deal with the sorrow and happiness experienced by the students
  • To share information with the parents of the students they are responsible for,
  • To take notes in relation to the private information, exam grades, results of the exams, the subjects the students need improvement and the number of the test the students do daily and to take precautions for the problem, if any,
  • To observe the other factors affecting the student success including family and friends, to support the students in relation to time planning and study methods,

To have influence on students to obey the school rules (dress code etc.)

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