Erasmus Plus Project

The second meeting of the “Erasmus Plus Project” carried out by our school was held in Gliwice Poland. “European Union Erasmus Plus Project” starting in 2015 and continuing for 2 year with 5 countries and 6 partners is supported by Turkish National Agency. The first visit of the project with the title of ‘Made In Europe’ was to Budapest, Hungary between 8-15 November and our 16 students took part in the project.

Marmara College Academic Coordinator Nur ŞAHİN, English Teacher Esra KESENCİ, History Teacher Melek EKŞİ and 10 students attended the meeting organized in II.Liceum, Wroblewskiego 9 school in Gliwice. The main theme of the meeting of the project in which there are studies of art, music, sports, science and history was “music”. Our students and teachers were hosted by the Polish friends and had detailed information in relation to the history and cultural features of the country thanks to the museums and classic music concerts they went during visiting Warsaw, the capital and Katoviçe as well as takin part in the courses and project works in the school. In the final day, the students who were in the choir representing the local music had enjoyable time. The next meeting of the project shall be organized in Munich, Germany.



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