Excused Lateness

When the student is late by reason of health, she/he returns to the classroom with the Excused Lateness Paper signed by the assistant principal. 

The parents of the students who come to the school late or do not come at all for various reasons are supposed to inform the relevant assistant principals about the excuse. The situations of lateness or absence are reported to the assistant principal following the first lesson to provide that the assistant principal calls the parents to get information about the situation of the student.

Parents are requested

  • not to arbitrarily demand permission (e.g. permission request for the last lesson, fort he examination next day, for etudes at the private teaching institution, for private lessons, etc.) except for obligatory cases in the name of not hindering educational activities.
  • to bring the doctor’s, etc. appointment hours forward in a way not coinciding with school hours.
  • not to make permission requests via mere phone call and instead, to call the assistant principal in person after first delivering a written request via the school bus, etc. 

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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