IB Diploma Programme is a globally recognized as a perfect preparation method for the academic studies during the university years. Besides the universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries, the programme increase the chance to be accepted in the universities in USA and England. The fact that many universities in USA regard the students as the second grade directly means both financial gain and timesaving provided that the student have High Level courses and achieve the minimum score in IB Diploma Programme. However it should not be interpreted that IB Diploma is a must in order for the enrolment for the universities abroad.

Although I do not want to participate in the whole IB Diploma Programme, is it possible to have certain kinds of IB courses? 
You could take the courses complying with your programme provided that there is no problem about the number of the people in the class. In that case you shall have IB certificate for the courses instead of IB Diploma. Remember that IB certificate is not equal to IB Diploma. However, our Foreign Language Department provide our students with the opportunity to have IB certificate for English Language courses.

How is the student success in IB courses measured/evaluated? 
Besides the exams prepared by the school, the success of the students is measured by IB in the light of the criterion determined and announced in advance. The final score in each subject area varies from 1 (very poor) to 7 (excellent) this score is determined according to the published assessment criteria which reflect the performance achieved by the student in subjects taken.The score is determined on the basis of a number of assessments; the exam score itself is not the only one counted. The work that the student does throughout the year such as projects, case studies, group or individual work is also part of the final score. This is assessed by the teacher and also moderated by the IB.The external examination is divided into two or more papers and tests students’ skills in various ways such as multiple choice, case studies, essays, analysis of experimental data, etc. The internal assessment counts for 20-40% of the overall subject score, depending on the subject, and the rest comes from the external examination. There are no examinations for Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Service and Action (CAS).

How is it applied for IB Diploma Programme? 

The process takes into consideration that an average year-end grade in English Language course should not be less than 70% in 10th grade. Overall academic and personal evaluation on student performance by their teachers will help students be encouraged to sign up for DP. Students who can take on an intensive load of studies, who have self-discipline to complete work in due time and who feel that this program will fulfil their specific aspirations will take part in DP. The interested students will be reviewed and orally inter- viewed to see whether they qualify for school learner profile.


  • They will need to apply the latest by the 30th May.
  • A student’s 10th Grade final English Grade has to be a minimum of 70 out of 100
  • The grade point average at the end of 10th Grade has to be a minimum of 65 out of 100.
  • No subjects should have been failed.
  • The student should not have taken any disciplinary action of any kind.


Admittance Requisites:

  • The class and branch teachers as well as the school counselor should give positive reviews of the student’s personal and academic performance.
  • Should Turkish and English interviews be required, a positive assessment from the selection committee members is required.
  • The approval of the College Principal is required in the final phase

After Admittance:

  • The parents of the students shall ensure that they shall pay the exam fee which is determined by IBO in the beginning of 12th grade.
  • Diploma Programme is a two-year integrated programme. The IB courses taken in 11th grade are on an ongoing basis. Therefore it is impossible to make amendments in relation to the courses and classes as passing from 11th grade to 12th grade.
  • The student should not have taken any disciplinary action of any kind within IB Diploma Programme.

What are the benefits of IB Programme?

The students in IB programme, especially the ones in diploma programme shall take the advantage of the programme.

  • The programme is challenging even for the most eager students academically
  • Students benefit from a globally recognized programme and curriculum
  • It is based on the international success standards
  • It provides an international and inter cultural approach
  • It improves the time management skills and studying habits
  • Students have education in an environment which they share with the highly motivated peers
  • Students take part in social service activities
  • Students have chance to benefit from scholarship
  • Students might pass grade level without taking courses in many universities
  • Students shall be part of an international student community recognized by the higher education institutions across the world
  • Students might be exempted from the courses up to 3 credits in the first year in the universities across the world

How is the IB Diploma final score calculated?

The highest score that one can get from a subject is 7. Students have to aggregate at least a score of 24, out of six subjects in order to obtain the IB Diploma. A score does not evaluate the Extended Essay and The Theory of Knowledge yet successful work brings a bonus point. Non-completion of these two subjects will result in failing to get the Diploma even if the total score is the maximum, i.e. 42.

A bilingual diploma is awarded to a candidate who fulfils one or both of the following criteria:

  • completion of two languages selected from group 1 with the award of a grade 3 or higher in both.
  • completion of one of the subjects from group 3 or group 4 in a language that is not the same as the candidate’s nominated group 1 language. The candidate must attain a grade 3 or higher in both the group 1 language and the subject from group 3 or 4.

What are the policies of the universities abroad in relation to IB?
Unless you prefer an additional academic year in order to fulfill the acceptance criteria for the local universities in England and Canada, you are required to have IB Diploma for the enrolment. The acceptance is subject to certain condition in both countries. However, in USA many of the recognized university and college accept the IB Diploma and especially if the students have the courses in High Levels and succeed the minimum score, they might directly be accepted in the second grade. However, in order to enroll in a university abroad, you are not supposed to have IB Diploma.


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