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The website of our school has been designed to render you easy access to the academic, cultural, sports and artistic opportunities offered by Bodrum Marmara Private College to the students, and to provide that the specialty of our school may be seen via the Internet as well. With this purpose in mind, the mission, mission, educational objectives of our school as well as the successes of our students and written and visual documents about the annual work programme are included in our website.

Our objective is to raise our students as individuals who have a command of English as much as their mother tongue, do not give up learning at any point of their lives, can effectively communicate with others, lead a quality life in all aspects and who have acquired all the skills, knowledge, attitudes and responsibilities required for them to serve their country and the world in general.

In order to achieve these goals and educational perfection, Bodrum Marmara Private College integrates its educational perspective with various national programmes, innovative international approaches, and our students are raised as individuals who are ready to meet the requisites of both domestic and foreign higher education. In a world where competition becomes more intensive day by day, our essential source of homor is to see our students become sociable individuals who are ready for life with their strong self-confidence, leadership and communication skills, problem-solving capacities.

In our high school where an intensive academic programme is implemented, our students are taught German, French and Spanish as second language besides English in advance level. One of our basic objectives is to provide that our students acquire a taste of art, attend sport activities and become intellectually, physically and mentally healthy individuals. In line with this purpose, our students both participate in and host various national and international contests, exhibitions and projects.

Our students actively attend to sport activities in the fields of swimming, table tennis and folk dances as well as in basketball, volleyball and football. If they prefer, they can attend to more than one sport activity.

As Bodrum Marmara Private College, one of our most important objectives since our foundation in 1998 has been our social responsibility activities. While working in cooperation with the students of other schools in Turkey, our students not only give support to them, but also develop their social consciousness and sense of responsibility.

Our graduates have the opportunity to continue their higher education both in domestic and foreign universities. Our specialist domestic higher education consultants and counselling department staff gives intensive support to our students and parents during the exam and the preferences period. Our students who want to continue their education abroad receive support from our foreign education consultants. Students preferring the universities abroad receive high level of acceptance and scholarship from foreign higher education institutions. Our teachers and administrative staff continually attend professional development programmes to develop themselves. Our objective and aim is to integrate our school with advanced technology, provide that our students benefit from it as much as possible and give them an advanced level of education. Our expectation is that our students will become successful, investigating and interrogating young individuals who are aware of their personal and social responsibilities and follow the path of Atatürk principles and revolutions. Welcome to tthe Bodrum Marmara College family. In order to get detailed information about us, please visit our website, twitter and facebook pages.

Best regards,

School Principal

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