MEK Learner Profile
  • Free thinking and keen on research,
  • Creative and open to critical thinking,
  • Able to communicate in a minimum of two foreign languages, besides his/her own mother tongue,
  • Cooperative,
  • Principled, candid, respectful and worthy of others’ respect,
  • Able to make the right decisions and also take responsibility of those decisions,
  • Open-minded and able to evaluate events from different angles and perspectives,
  • Respecting other feelings and ideas,
  • Being in good physical and mental health,
  • Able of self-criticism and self-management,
  • Self-confident,
  • Able to make use of spare time in a successful way,
  • Interested in sports and art,
  • Possesses the ability to make good use of technology in order to increase creativity and productivity,
  • Aware of and respectful of academic honesty, thus sharing information in line with the rules,
  • A believer of the guidance of intellect and science,
  • Aware of the national identity and national values,
  • Possesses an understanding of concepts such as peace, unity and justice,
  • Respectful to human rights,
  • Sensitive to the balance of the natural environment,
  • A follower of the local and global agenda,
  • Able to express feelings and ideas with consideration,
  • Possesses self-esteem and is a happy, kind hearted individual,
  • Having what it takes to become “the required person” in the business world,
  • Acquiring the necessary, Individual and social skills of the modern age and being well prepared academically and mentally for national and/or inter-national university education.



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