Our Classrooms

The Classrooms

In Marmara College all the classrooms are for twenty. Our classrooms have a spaciousness over world standards with 2.15 m2 per student and 6.8 m3 volume. In our classes there are wireless and unlimited Internet connection, projector, smart board and computer.

We have classrooms equipped with modern technology suited for the content of courses, which enable technology supported teaching. In all the hallways, there are study classrooms where students can study with all the branch teachers one-to-one so as to define their inadequacies, ask their questions and make use of their spare time preparing for LYS and YGS exams. Students have the opportunity to study one-to-one with their teachers during the office hours of teachers, between the hours 16:00-17:15 in week days.

In our school, there is also the boarding education opportunity.

The Labs

There are also Physics, Physics DEMO, Chemistry, Biology and Multimedia laboratories equipped with the most modern devices at secondary education level. These laboratories are open to all our students and teachers who intend to use them for extracurricular research and project studies.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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