Our Education Model

At Marmara Science High School,

  • There are 40 weekly and 8 daily (08:45-15:50) course hours.
  • Students graduated from Marmara Private Elementary and Secondary Schools with good performance in Math and Science fields are given private placement right.  
  • The academic staff of our school consists of specialists who have higher education diploma.
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses are held at the well-equipped and modern laboratories of Marmara Education Village. 
  • Various projects and research studies are carried out with the “Advisory Board of Science”.
  • Students are prepared for “National Science Olympic Committee” examinations in groups of 3 and 4.
  •  Preparatory studies for YGS and LYS are carried our beginning from the 11th grade. These Works are carried out in special study rooms after course hours. 
  • 12th grade students take three-hour YGS and LYS trial exams no fewer than five times each semester. And the results of these tests are evaluated by our teachers and the counselling service in order to better designate the course subjects the students cannot fully grasp and to make repeating courses on these subjects.
  • We arrange scientific excursions to institutions like Turkey Atomic Energy Authority, TUBITAK and Kandilli Observatory in order to encourage our students in the fiedls of science and technology.
  • We arrange introductory excursions to various universities like Boğaziçi, ODTÜ, İTÜ, Yıldız Technical University to motivate our students for university entrance exams. 
  • We also arrange historical and cultural excursions.
  • Club studies are held in line with students’ fields of interest.
  • Special success Grant is given to our students who show outstanding academic success.
  • Our Counselling Service carries out vocational consciousness-raising and orientation studies.
  • Our students may take healthy and balanced nourishment with the delicious lunch meals carefully prepared in our school’s kitchen.  
  • Our students can receive full-day health service from our school infirmary and Marmara Hospital.    

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