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We provide our students and teachers a comfortable and peaceful educationa environment in modern spaces where every kind of technical equipment is available. In the classrooms that are equipped with constant projectors, limitless Internet connection, sound system, smart electronic boards and audio-visual CD’s, the students can transform what they learn in the lessons into lasting knowledge.


In computer lessons which are taught under the supervision of our branch teachers, students receive education on MS Office Programmes (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.), the basic structure, functions and implementations of the Internet and web design as well as general information about computer programmes and hardware. The students prepare their Project studies and researches by using the Internet-enabled computers reserved for them.

LABS In the physics, chemistry, biology and elementary science labs equipped with modern devices in order to support and solidify learning, the students turn their theoretical knowledge into practice by experiments and reseraches.

LIBRARY In the library where the computerized librarianship programme is used, the students meet the world cultures, read books, make research and access the documents they want to find via the general collection, periodicals and other publications written in foreign languages.


Implementation kitchen is the unit where the cooking skills of the students are developed via individual and group works, cooking contests aiming at foreign language practice are held, the cuisines of various countries are introduced and table manners taught in good manners lesson are practiced.


In the units where ballet, modern dance, folk dances and Latin dances are taught with the purpose of increasing their physical elasticity and to provide them with the sense of teamwork, of responsibility and of rhythm, the students find the opoortunity to express themselves via their body language.

ATELIERS In the drawing and technical ateliers where artistic studies are done under the guidance of specialist educators, the students create original designs by touching various materials and adding their interpretation to them. The creativity and self-confidence of the students increase and they are made to experience the feeling of success as well as other aesthetic affections thanks to these artistic and technical practices.


While students acquire the sense of rhythm, listen to musical pieces, learn about the instruments and famous composers, and acquire the knowledge of musical notes in music lessons, they receive piano, guitar, violin, keyboard, accordion training and attend orchestra works in the specially designed music rooms.



Chess, a strategy game that develops one’s imagnation as well as mathematical intelligence is the model of real life on the board. With chess lessons, while the students are taught the rules of the game, they also grasp that failure is a natural part of life as success and acquire the skill of evaluating and using the opportunities in the most efficient way.


Besides the physical trainig lessons held with the purpose of contributing to the physical development of our students, our students are also encouraged to attend the activities held at the multipurpose sport halls according to their personal interests, and various tournaments are held in these halls. Our parents may also benefit from these facilities.


Swimming school programme is implemented in summer at the semi-olympic outdoor swimming pool and children’s swimming pool and physical training lessons are held in appropriate seasons.


In the fully-equipped fitness center, the width of which is 200 m2, physical condition exercises of our school and club teams are held in company with specialist trainers.


Table tennis, which one of the most attention-demanding sports, helps the students to acquire developed reflex and to develop their skill of decsion making.


Billiard develops the students’ strategy, attention, multiple-thinking and multidimensinal evaluation skills.


The culture center which is organized with the aim of meeting the cultural and artistic needs of the people of Bodrum and various institutions as well as those of the students includes the 500-people capacity multi-purpose conference hall equipped with state-of-the-art technology audio-visual system and the exhibition hall, the width of which is 450 m2.

The culture center is active throughout the year with the multi-purpose conference hall designed for panels, seminars, theatre plays, concerts, movie screenings and various lessons and the exhibition hall designed for monthly renewed professional art exihibitions and the artistic activities of the students.


The examinations and the weekend homeworks of the school are prepared by this unit. After the exam results are assessed and evaluated in company with the data processing unit, the departments are given feedback.


In the data processing center, there are 1 server, 3 PC and 45 terminals. The assessment of the exams and the statistical analysis of exam results are done by this unit.


In this unit, there are digital printing machines for the required photocopy works and for the printing of all kind of educational information.


Private parent-teacher meetings as well as regular general parent meetings are held in this hall.

REFECTORY Menus including meals relished by the students are prepared in accordance with the lists prepared by the dietician in consideration of the daily nutritional needs of the students. These lists are monthly announced to the parents.


The summer and winter cafeterias located in green spaces where the students can spend their spare time having fun and conversing with their friends render different tastes to them.


In the infirmary where our nurse render full-day service to our students, the doctor is present in certain hours of the day.


This unit serves our students with all kinds of school clothes, from the unifor to the training suits of the school.

SECURITY Security staff hold office 7/24 in the entrance door of our school. In our school which is %100 earthquake resistant, seminars and drills of earthquake, fire, etc. are conducted to raise the awareness of our teachers, students and personnel.


We render a disciplined, planned and comfortable borading school experience in our secure and safe dormitory building consisting of rooms for 2, 3 and 4 students. Our boarding students learn sharing, mutualization, tolerance, in short the art of living together under the supervision of our teachers.

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