Our Understanding

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to raise our students as individuals who are respectful for human rights, sensitive to the environment, tolerant to cultural and individual differences, have the skills to access information throughout the wrold and who have the sense of unity and peace. We aim at preparing our students as important and precious individuals for the national and international society in the light of Atatürk Principles and Revolutions, taking their individual skills and abilities into account, and thereby becoming an exemplary education institution which raises self-confident individuals who are open to lifelong learning by keeping pace with contemporary innovationas and technological developments.

Our Principles

To raise individuals who believe in the democratic values of Atatürk, are devoted to the principles of the Republic, love their country and nation, know about other cultures as well as their own culture, can competently communicate in at least one foreign language besides their mother tongue and who can openly and confidently express their feelings and ideas. To raise individuals who give importance to teamwork, have a strong communication skill, are aware of their abilities and who endeavours to be good citizens. To raise students who read, investigate, think scientifically, constantly renew themselves and invent beneficial hobbies.

To organize a wholly student-centered education system and to implement complete learning model from kindergarten to the end of secondary education.

To solidify education by equipping it with modern teaching technology and turning the use of technology into a life style.

To organize the educational environment in order to provide that the individual may learn by practice and experience, to develop a teaching&learning programme that can integrate with contemporary world and to employ a qualified academic staff that can keep this programme going.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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