Rewards and Sanctions

Taking care of the students as autonomous individuals, adopting a way of communication based on mutual love and respect, providing a just educational environment to the students and maket hem feel safe are the essentials of Bodrum Marmara College.
The students behaving in a way to disturb this environment are warned by their teachers in a way not disrupting the class order and are called for an interview. The interview is held with the attendance of the course teacher, the assistant principal and the counselling department depending on the nature of the student’s behaviour. If it’s deemed necessary, the school administration get in touch with the family of the student to inform them about the situation. And a strategy to change the student’s very behaviour in a positive way s developed in company with the counselling department.

When a student displays a negative behaviour, she/he is first warned by the course teacher in a way not disturbing the class environment and then is called for an interview.In case of recurrence, the course teacher gets an appointment from the Assistant Principal. The Assistant Principal directs the student to the counselling department depending on the nature of the behaviour. If the student’s negative way of behaviour persists, the student receives intensive support from the counselling department. 

Unless no student awareness is observed,  the Assistant Principal distributes student observation form to her/his teachers and informs the student that she/he will be under observation and she/he has two weeks to correct her/his way of behaviour. If no change is observed in the student’s way of behaviour by the end of this period, she/he is sent to the Student Disciplinary Board. And in the direction of the decision issued by the Board, the student is imposed sanction and her/his family is informed.
Depending on the content of the behaviour, the parents are called to sign a contract in some cases instead of an appeal to Disciplinary Board.  


The appraised behaviour should be clearly identified:
It is generally thought that the students can probably relate the appraisal of the teacher with their right behaviour without the necessitating the explanation of the teacher on what behaviour she/he appraises them for. However recent studies indicate that in most cases the students do not understand what they are exactly appraised for.

Praise immediately after the behaviour: Unless the correct behaviour is not instantly appraised, another or even an inappropriate bahaviour may follow. Ana this time the teacher may reinforce the inappropritae behaviour. Therefore praise shoul immediately follow the correct behaviour in order for the student relates the right behaviour with the appraisal.

Acting sincerely and affectionately while acclaiming a student: While the teacher acclaims her/his students, she/he should show her/his content not only by her/his words but also by her/his gestures, mimics, tone of voice so as to maket hem feel her/his sincerity.

Honouring the student among friends: Honouring the successful student among her/his friends by giving her/him certificates of achievement and various awards both increases the educational motivation of the successful student and her/his friends.

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