School Rules

Points to Take Into Consideration:

  • Hairs must be neatly combed and tied. Hair dye, highlights or permanent waves are not allowed. Nails must not be long or polished, and make-up is not allowed. The haircut of male students must be smooth and neat.
  • Male students should come to school daily shaved and with short hair.
  • The undergarments worn under the school shirt must be white.
  • Students cannot wear anything on them as accessories (rosettes, earrings, ring sor bracelets) except of Atatürk rosette and watches. In the event that the student wears such accessories, the accessories are taken by the administrators and are given in the end of the school day on condition that the student will not wear them again.
  • High-heeled shoes or sandals are not allowed.


Flag Ceremonies :

  • All students are responsible to attend the flag raising ceremony by reason of her/his respect for herself/himself, her/his society and country. They must not be late for the ceremony.  
  • Students stand ready at the ceremony area on Monday at 8:20 at the latest.
  • Students directly g oto the ceremony area at the end of the last center on Fridays and come into line with their teachers. 
  • Students silently and serially form lines at the ceremony area at the specific places allocated in advance for their own class in the way they do in gym lessons without having to be warned by their teachers.
  • Students should not talk to each other, do not wander around, eat or drink during the ceremony.
  • Students should not have their bags on their shoulders during the ceremony.
  • Student must be attentive to be orderly-dressed during the ceremony.
  • While singing the anthem students shoul not forget the fact that we are crying our national feelings, our unity and the honour we feel about them out to the world. Only if we consider these ceremonies as the moments during which these feelings of ours are refreshened, they achieve their goal.


  • Students should wait their teachers with their course materials ready before the lesson begins.
  • Students should conform to the rules of beginning to speak in the lessons, not speak aloud or act in a way disturbing others. 
  • Every students is responsible for keeping her/his desk clean.

Break Times: 1. Students conform to the instructions of the teacher in charge relating to the use of playgrounds and sport areas. 2. Students can use the cafeteria reserved for them, the chess room, table tennins hall and the library in break times.   3. Students are responsible for keeping the school garden, the hallways, classrooms, library, conference halls and the canteen clean. 4. Playing at the school garden is the right of all students of Marmara College. Within the garden, students are responsible for paying attention to their ways of behaviour, showing respect to each other and look after each other’s rights.

Refectory: 1. Students are responsible for washing their hands before and after the meals. 2. Students keep their silence while going to or exitting from the refectory.

After completing her/his meal every student;

  • Straightens her/his chair back.
  • Leaves the tray on the counters determined by the refectory personnel.

Canteen: The students not attending the lunch in the refectory may meet their nutritional requirements either from the canteen or in ways more appropriate for them. While shopping from the canteen, students should queue up and give priority to little students. Students should not walk around in the school with food and drink in their hands.

Sport Hall:

  • Students should not speak loudly in dressing rooms.
  • Students are responsible for return the materials in the sport hall to their proper place after they use them. Balls in the sport halls should not be taken without permission.
  • Students themselves are responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the cabinets in the dressing rooms.

Havuz: The semi-olympic swimming pool in our school may be used both by our students and parents out of school hours as well. 1. The swimming pool should not be plunged into without first having shower.

2. The students who do not know how to swim should not use the large pool. 3. If one has skin infections, open wounds or incisions, she/he should not plunge into the pool. 4. One should not come to the pool without towels and not plunge into the pool without bonnets. 5. One should not run around the pool and act in a way that gives disturbance to others. 6. Foreign bodies should not be thrown into the pool. 7. One should not plunge into the pool after the cleaning is over at 20:00. 8. The instructions and advices of the swimming teachers and the pool officers should be conformed.

9. Inthe event that one uses the pool without the supervision of teachers and pool officers, she/he is responsible to take all the necessary health and security precautions All the users who plunge into the pool are deemed to accept comforming to these rules. 


  • Students should keep their silence in the library.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the refectory.
  • The sources used in the library must be left on the tables.
  • Before source materials are taken out of the library, the student must inform the librarian that she/he wants to borrow it.   
  • The students may borrow 3 source materials for 15 days at the most.
  • The students who does not return the material borrowed back to the library is responsible to pay 1 TL fine for each day she/he delays.
  • These fines collected from students are used for the purchase of new books for the library.
  • Students may borrow books only in break times.
  • The source materials to be returned should be delivered to the librarian.
  • If the students do not return the materials they borrow on time, they cannot borrow new ones.
  • Lost or damaged materials/books are compensated by the students themselves. 
  • The students who do not conform to the rules of the library cannot benefit from it.


  • Students should not run or speak loudly in the hallways.
  • Students should not enter administration or teachers’ room without permission.
  • Students should not play balls in the school building, hallways and classrooms.
  • Students are responsible for the order and maintenance of the writings and pictures on the boards on the hallway walls.
  • Students should not walk around in the hallways during course hours. They can leave the classroom during the course hours only after the permission of the teacher.
  • While going up and down the stairs, students should use the right side.
  • Students should not walk around in the hallways with food and drink in their hands.

Conference Hall:

  • In the conference hall students should sit in the places allocated for them with their teachers.

Food and Drink are not allowed in the conference hall.

  • During the activities in the conference halls, students should not leave the hall except cases of health.
  • Students should conform to rules of good manner during the activities in the conference hall.

Toilets: Toilet materials must be used suitably for their purpose. The clean use of the toilets is the responsibility of all the school community. The users are responsible to leave the toilets in the way they want to find it. While leaving the toilets, one must control whether the lights and taps are on so as to prevent energy wastage.

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