Use of Library

All the students, teachers and personel of Marmara Education Institutions have the membership in the library and benefit from the Library and Learning Center within the scope of following rules.

1. It is forbidden to speak aloud in library.

2. No food or beverage is allowed in library.

3. The users are responsible for their own belongings. The library management shall not be liable for the lost property.

4. The teacher of the course in which the students use the library for research shall be responsible for filling the Form

5. The students are allowed to benefit from the library during course hours under the guidance of the teacher. The students use the library with the written permission from school administration except from the course hours.

Rules for Maintaining the Library Order

6.  It is forbidden to reorganize the chairs, amrchairs, tables, windows and curtains in the library and they should be used well.

7. It is forbidden to play with the chairs in the library.

8. It is required to replace the chair used as leaving from the library

9. It is highly important to replace the books taken from the shelves in order to find them next them easily. Therefore it is required to leave the books the place of which is not remembered on the table.

10. The magazines are required to be replaced after being used.

Photocopy Rules

11. The photocopy service is provided for the sources which are not lent.

The limit for the copy of the sources in the library is 10 pages.

Use of Computer in the Library

There are 12 internet-enabled computers for the students.

The computers should not be uses with special purpose but with the purpose of research

12. It is forbidden to play computer games; the computers are only for research

13. It is required to be silent as the computers in the library are used.


14. The library administration reserves the right to decide on whether the donated materials shall be added in the collection and the place they are placed.

15. The materials which shall not be part of the collection including newspapers, the magazines which are not published anymore, the books in bad physical conditions, copied materials, the out of date works are not accepted as donation.

16. The course books, the workbooks and test books used during previous years, the dictionaries are accepted. The actual novels and the novels in good conditions physically are accepted in the library.


17. The teachers, students and personnel are obliged to have signature from the library administration ensuring that they have no relations with library any more before leaving the school. The student who has not returned the book borrowed shall not be exmatriculated. In case of the book is lost, the borrower shall buy the new one.

Borrowing Rules

18. The materials in the library shall not be taken out unless the borrowing transactions are carried out.

19. The primary school students are allowed to borrow only one book in a week. If it is required and the book is not reserved by anyone else, the return date shall be extended.

20. The high school students are allowed to borrow only one book for two weeks. If it is required and the book is not reserved by anyone else, the return date shall be extended.

21. The previous issues of the magazines are lent for a week

22. The CD-ROMs are lent for a week

23. The books of Vedat Günyol are not lent; only used in the library.  

24. The reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, atlas etc.), the latest issues of magazines and certain kind of valuable books are not lent.

25. It should not be insisted on borrowing the materials which are not lent d

26. The borrower who does not return the material on time shall not borrow new book until the previous one is returned. The borrower shall receive a warning note for the material which is not returned. If the borrower shall not return the material in two days after the 3rd warning, the material is regarded as lost. The students who receive the warning more than three times in a semester, the borrowing process shall be suspended for the student for a semester.

27. All the borrowers are obliged to return the library materials 3 weeks before the academic year ends due to the enumerations.

28. The member of the library is obliged to use the book without any damage. The rights of the students to use library who damage the material lent shall be limited. The students who lose or damage the material they borrow are obliged to fill the petition stating the situation and buy the same material or pay the value. In case that the material is not available in the market it is required to pay the charge determined by the committee.


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