About Our School

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to raise world citizens who are proud of their national identity, who are well-equipped for the information age, who are ready for further national and international university education and who will be successful representatives of their country.”


Within the short run to become a world school and in the long run becoming a school which graduates the children of our graduates.


Being a unit of Marmara Education Institutions, Private Marmara High School;

  • Aims to raise individuals who are devoted to Atatürk’s revolutions and principles.
  • Provides an atmosphere that supports democratic participation,
  • Aims to raise individuals who adpoted common national and international values
  • Organizes human relations through ethic rules,
  • Uses modern learning and teaching strategies,
  • Aims to raise students who have acquired the individual and social skills of the modern life and who are well-prepared academically and mentally for national and international university education,
  • Provides a holistic teaching-learning environment for the students to discover and improve their skills,
  • Adopts a social responsibility understanding by providing opportunities to use the school’s all material and spiritual facilities in line with the society’s necessities,
  • Aims not be an education institution for all of the school community; from students to all staff,
  • Provides all members of MEK family with Professional development opportunities through healthy, peaceful, secure and ideal working environment,
  • Evaluates the education programmes and projects conducted with national and international institutions; as a way of becoming a world school,
  • Aims to become a school which strives for the best all the time and which provides education at the world standards.


Features of the Target Student Profile:

1.   Free thinking and reseracher,

2.   Creative and critical thinking

3.   Communicating in his/her mother tongue besides minimum 2 foreign languages,

4.  Cooperative,

5.   Principled, candid, respectful and respected,

6.   Making right decisions and taking the responsibility of the decisions,

7.   Open minded, evaluating the events from multi-perspectives,

8.   Respecting other feelings and ideas,

9.   Featuring physical and mental health,

10. Making self-criticism and self-management,

11. Self-confident ,

12. Using spare time successfuly.

13. Interested in sports and art,

14. Using the technology for improving creativity and productivity,

14. Paying attentin to academic honesty and sharing information in line with the rules,

15. Believing the guidance of intellect and science,

16. Being aware of the national identity and national values,

17. Having an understanding of peace, unity and justice,

18. Respectful to human rights,

19. Sensitive to the balance of the natural environment,

20. Followers of the local and global agenda of the world,

21. Expressing the feelings and ideas with consideration ,

22. Having personal superiority ,

23. Learning to become a warm hearted, happy and self-esteemed person ,

24. Becoming the “required person” in the business life,

25. Acquiring the individual and social skills of the modern life and being well-prepared academically and mentally for national and international university education,


The values system that form and drive the execution of our school’s mission statement:

.          Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions  

·          Globalism 

·          Innovativeness

·          Education based on love and respect 

·          Quality orientation  

·          Technology literacy 

·          Continuous development

·          Participation  

·          environmental-consciousness

·          Sensitivity to human rights and freedoms

·          Respect for individual differences  

·          Student-centered approach

·          Ethic values and understanding of responsibility 

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