About Us

Our Mission

It is our mission to raise world citizens who have the necessary skills and knowledge that are the requirements of the information era, who are well-prepared for the next stage of their education, who are lifelong learners proud of their national identity and representing their country successfully.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world class school which graduates the children of its graduates.

Our Philosophy

Acting with the consciousness and responsibility of being a unit of Marmara Education Institutions, Marmara Secondary School serves the society with an education system which

  • is devoted to the principles and revolutions of Atatürk,
  • adopts common national and international values
  • organizes human relations through ethical rules,
  • uses modern learning and teaching strategies,
  • raises students who have acquired the necessary individual and social skills of modern life and who are well-prepared academically and mentally for national and international university education,
  • provides a holistic teaching-learning environment for the students to discover, improve and mature their skills,
  • adopts a sense of social responsibility by providing opportunities to use all material and moral facilities of the school in line with the needs of the society,
  • provides all members of the Marmara Education Institutions family with professional development opportunities through a healthy, peaceful, secure and an ideal working environment,
  • appraises the contribution of the education/training programmes and projects conducted in cooperation with national and international institutions to becoming a “world school,”
  • aims at being an education institution for all the school community from the students to the staff,
  • constantly seeks for perfection and which provides education at world standards.

Our Aims and Objectives

According to the intended “Learner Profile” Marmara Secondary School aims at raising students who:

  • are investigators who have the capacity of free thinking and learning,
  • are creatively and critically thinking
  • competently communicate in minimum two foreign languages besides their mother tongue,
  • give importance to teamwork,
  • are principled, candid, respectful and respected,
  • can make right decisions and take the responsibility of these decisions,
  • can open-mindedly evaluate things from various perspectives,
  • respect others’ feelings and ideas,
  • give importance to their physical and mental health,
  • have the capacity of self-criticism and self-management,
  • can self-confidently manage their own self-realization process,
  • can efficiently make use of their spare time.
  • are interested in sports and arts,
  • use technology for improving their creativity and productivity,
  • pay attention to academic honesty and share knowledge in line with the rules,

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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