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The purpose of the first reading and writing course in our institution is to develop the reading and writing skills of students. Our students’ skill of understanding develops by what they see, watch, listen, examine and read within this lesson. They acquire the skill of expressing what they see, watch, listen, examine and read by using written and spoken language and visual materials. The skill of correctly and effectively using Turkish language is tried to be developed beginning from this grade level. Besides, the vocabulary of students is intended to be enriched. As thinking, examining and investigating individuals, our students can express themselves in verbal or written language.


  • Our students distinguish lingual phones and they can form syllables from phones, words from syllables and sentences from words.
  • They make practices of reading and writing sentences, and form texts out of sentences.
  • Their listening and watching skills as well as their skill of understanding what is listened and watched are developed. 
  • They can completely and correctly understand the texts they read in accord with reading rules.
  • They become eager to read books.  
  • They recognize figures, symbols and sign(al)s.
  • They improve their skills of visual reading and visual presentation.
  • They observe the rules of speaking.  
  • They develop skills of writing by observing spelling rules.
  • They are attentive to use their books and notebooks in an orderly way.  
  • They can form clauses of various semantic qualities by forming meaningful and grammatical clauses.
  • They use punctuation marks.  
  • They observe spelling rules.


The purpose of Turkish Language course is to develop the habit and skill of listening and following which students acquire within the first year to an extent to enable them understand, criticize and make use of products of culture, various speech modes and current publications. For this purpose, studies are carried out in order to speed up oral and silent reading and to make the reading techniques perfect. The vocabulary of students is endeavoured to be enriched in line with Turkish Language Reform amd its modern development. With the reading band activity organized in our institution, we focus on students’ acquisition of the habit of making use of the time well with reading by developing love of books.


  • Our main objective in Turkish Language lesson is to have students acquire the skills of listening, understanding, speaking and writing, and to make these skills become a habit. 
  • Turkish Language education is a process aiming at the acquisition of the skills of reading, understanding and expressing what is understood in verbal and in written.
  • Our purpose is to prepare students for life within this process and enable them to perceive and investigate both the society and the world they live in much better.

1st, 2nd, 3rd GRADES - LIFE SCIENCE

In our institution the purpose of Life Science lesson is to have students acquire the skills they require in their lives and to speed up the process of their adaptation to the society they live in by increasing their individual and spcial awareness. One other purpose of the lesson is to support students in their way to become international-minded, self-confident and creative individuals who are respectful to others’ rights while claiming their own rights, who are environmentally-conscious.


  • Our main objective in Life Science lessons is to provide that our students apply what they learn in class environment in real life and to raise students who enjoy learning, are in peace with themselves and their social environment and who have up-to-date knowhow. For this purpose, we aim at raising our students as ciritically thinking and respectful individuals who have the virtue of knowing themselves.
  • Studies are made in order to raise students as environmentally-conscious, creative, investigating individuals who have the skills of a consicous consumer. They internalize the classroom and school rules that they need to observe for an ideal education environment.
  • Our students are raised as modern, productive and content individuals who are devoted to the principles and reforms of Atatürk.

Themes Taught Based on the Curriculum of Ministry of National Education

  1. My School Excitement
  2. My Matchless Home
  3. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

1st, 2nd, 3rd GRADES - MATHEMATICS

In our institution the purpose of Mathematics lesson is to have our students acquire the skill of solving problems they may encounter in life in the shortest way possible by understanding the significance of Mathematics for life and developing a positive attitude towards it.  Within this process, mind develoğing studies are made in line with the principle “from the knowm to the unknown.” In this lesson, the speeding up of students’ mental development and mathematical operation skills via the use of mathematics classroom equipments are focused on. The purposes of the lesson are to instill students with love of maths and to raise individuals who really love, enjoy and use maths by adding a new dimension to their relationship with it.


  • Our students develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and they understand the importance of mathematics for life.
  • They can make mental calculations.
  • They acquire the skill of four operations. 
  • They can form and solve problems.  
  • They can use the knowledge and skills acquired in Maths lessons in other lessons.
  • They learn being organized, attentive and patient in their studies.
  • They can think creatively and critically.
  • They can develop methods to solve the problems they encounter.


Students internalize the knowledge they acquire in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. The purpose of 4th grade level mathematics lesson in our institution is to raise students’ awareness that mathematics has a place in every corner of life. The aim of this process is to raise individuals who have the necessary knowledge and skills of mathematics, who aim at developing their mathematical thinking capability, whose skills of reasoning and exposition as well as of problem solving are well-developed and who can use their mathematical knowledge in solving problems encountered in daily life.


  • They enjoy mathematics. 
  • They actively use numbers. 
  • They can make the four operations correctly and fast.
  • They do studies aimed at developing the faculties of reasoning and forming ideas.
  • They learn being organized, attentive and patient in their studies.
  • They can think creatively and critically.
  • They can relate the knowledge and skills acquired in Maths lessons to other lessons and can use their psychomotor skills in the best way.


In our institution the purpose of Mathematics lesson is to raise science and technology literate and interrogating individuals who aims at lifelong learning, who loves making researches, who are acquianted with the nature of science and who can solve problems with a scientific perspective by trying to keep pace with the rate of developments in an age of knowledge and technology and by relying on scientific data. 


Our objectives in Science lessons are to arouse students’ interest in nature and in technological developments around them, and to help them in making sense of the changes and developments occurring in their lives. In this lesson, we aim at raising theoretically conscious individuals who can make experimental observations and practice what they learn from school.

Units Taught Based on the Curriculum of Ministry of National Education - (4th Grade Science)

  1. Let’s Solve the Riddle of Our Body
  2. Let’s Recognize the Matter
  3. Force and Motion
  4. Light abd Sound
  5. Electricity in Our Life
  6. Our Planet Earth


The purpose of Social Studies lesson in our institution is to raise physically and morally content individuals who learn the learning techniques, who recognize themselves as unique individuals, who are aware of their rights and claim them, who fulfill their responsibilities, who study history to learn national achievements adopting Atatürk principles and reforms.


Our objectives in Science lessons is to raise Turkish Republic citizens who can adapt to the social environment they live in, who love their country and nation with national consciousness, who have internalized Atatürk principles and reforms grasping their significance in the social, cultural and economic progress of the country and who keep secular national values alive.

Units Taught Based on the Curriculum of Ministry of National Education-(4th Grade Social Studies)

  1. I’m Meeting with Myself
  2. I’m Learning my Past
  3. The Place We Live in
  4. From Production to Consumption
  5. So Glad We Have Your
  6. All Together
  7. People and Governance
  8. My Friends Far Away

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