Coming Late and Permissions
  • Students being late to school within the first fifteen minutes of the first course hour may attend their lesson after getting a paper indicating their lateness. Yet in cases of lateness exceeding this first fifteen minutes students wait for the second lesson to begin out of the class. Students who do not attend to any of the lessons wşthşn the day will be counted as a half day absentee.   
  • When they have to leave the school with their parents before the end of the school day, students take a paper of permission which includes their excuse from the relevant assistant principal. One of the papers of permission will be güven to the class and the other to the security unit. If the student is to leave the school without her/his parent, either she/he should bring a paper of permission from home or her/his parent(s) should inform the assistant principal about the situation.
  • In case of any school shuttle change, parents should inform the school shuttles unit and the assistant principle at 13:30 at the latest.  

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