Coming to the School

Coming to the School:

Coming to school in due time is of great importance in order for the healthy operation of the education system. We believe that our parents and students show the necessary sensitivity.

Departure from the School:

At the end of the school day students get into the shuttle buses in a controlled manner. If the student will not use the school shuttle that day, the parents should inform the shuttle unit and the assistant principal in advance. If the student will be taken from school by someone apart from her/his parents, the parent(s) should directly inform the assistant principal in advance.  Otherwise, the student will have to wait at school. Parents are responsible for students who do not use shuttle buses for coming to school.

Parents should wait the students at the school garden instead of the classroom door or the corridor. Parents who want to visit the school out of entrance and departure hours for any reason should show their identity cards to the information desk at the entrance or take  visitor card after leaving their national ID card. Applications for parent ID cards are made to the editorial department with a photocopy of the national ID card and a passport photo.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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