Our Education Model


The philosophy of Marmara Private Elementary School is to raise self-confident, happy, sensitive and Ataturkist individuals who are erudite both about their own culture and other cultures, who interrogate and can create solutions to problems.

That our students raise as individuals who are successful and required not only in the society they live in but also in the international platform is one of our primary objectives. And raising students successful and well-equipped only in academic sense is not sufficient fort he realization of our very objective. That the international programmes implemented along with the national curriculum in our school will as well contribute to our students’ personal development is an indisputable truth.

With this objective and the philosophy of “Education for Life” in mind, our institution implements PYP (Primary Years) and IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma) programmes of International Baccalaurate Organisation (IBO). Besides, we carry out joint projects with internationa organizations such as ECIS (European Council of International Schools), CIS (Council of International Schools), Eco Schools and EU Education and Youth Programmes.

Ranked among the most prestigious schools both in our country and in Europe with its teaching staff following the latest developments in education, its physical conditions providing so many opportunities from swimming to ice skating to students and its technical equipment of latest technology, Marmara Private Elementary School proves a privilege for students and parents as the World School of the 21st Century.

In our institution Turkish Language, Mathematics, Life Sciences (1st, 2nd, 3rd grades), Social Studies, Science (4th grades) courses are given by class teachers, while Visual Arts, Music, Physical Training, Information Technologies and Drama courses are given by branch teachers.

Beginning from the 1st grade Main Course and Reading&Writing courses are taught in our school with the cooperation of Turkish and foreign teachers.

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