Food Service

The Use of the Canteen

  • The school canteen provides food and drink for students either before the lessons begin or during long break times.
  • From the moment the lesson bell rings food and drink sales at the canteen are prohitibited.
  • Students cannot walk through the corridors or enter such places as classrooms, library, laboratory, sport hall and administration office, etc. with food on their hand.
  • The canteens are inspected once in a month by the inspection team of our school and the observations are reported.

The Use of the Refectory

  • Students have their lunch in assigned hours and at the tables allocated for their class.
  • The refectory personnel dishes up the students sitting at their tables.
  • Meals are prepared in hygenic conditions in the kitchen of our institution.

Feeding Hours

  • The elementary school students are served food at the end of the 1st and 7th lessons.
  • The food prepared for feeding hours are served to classrooms.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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