Foreign Languages


Our mission is to contribute to our students’ development as world citizens by enabling that they effectively express themselves in written and verbal levels in English and by providing the opportunity to get acquainted with other cultures within the lifelong learning process.


To raise students marked out with their perfect English language skills in a prestigious education institution at world standards. 


  • In Marmara Education Institutions English language teaching starts from the kindergarten at the age of 3.
  • At the end of the 8th grade, our students complete B2 level according to the European Language Criteria. Within this process, the students improve their 4 language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing). 
  • In Marmara Private Elementary School, since learning by reading and writing cannot be commenced till the second semester of the 1st grade, students’ skills of listening, understanding and speaking are developed. Within this period, our purpose is to have students learn English by natural methods like repetition and mimesis just as they do when learning their mother tongue. Play, song, nursery rhyme and dialogue exercises are done with students. At each grade level, there is one foreign language speaking support teacher as well as one Turkish speaking teacher.
  • Great effort is made in order for the students perceive English language as a means of communication intead of a lesson till the end of the 3rd grade. In this process, students learn lingual structures and grammar rules without academic explanation.
  • In 4th grade, the last year of elementary school, our students learn the rules of language by way of similar activities and continue developing their elementary” level English.
  • At the end of the 4th grade, our students begin the 5th grade to complete the “elementary” level. After completing the basic rules of English our secondary school, students begins exercises intended for enabling them to interrogatw, make research and access knowledge in English. At the end og the 8th grade, our students graduate from the secondary school at “low-upper intermediate” level.
  • Our schools encourage students to attend English Language Proficiency Exams held throughout the world by Cambridge University in order to test their knowledge of English at an international level and to develop an education plan suitable to the success level.
  • In our Elementary School, while 3rd graders of the Marmara Private Elementary School can attend the STARTERS exam, 4th graders can attend the MOVERS exam. And in Marmara Private Secondary School 5th grade can attend the FLYERS exam, 6th graders cana attend the KET, while the 7th graders can take the PET exam. The fact that our students get accomplishment above the İstanbul and Turkey averages indicates how an effective world class English Teaching programme our school implements.

The graduates of Marmara Private Elementary School can do the following in English:

  • can fluently and correctly express themselves both written and verbally.
  • improve their reading skills and can understand and interpret an original piece or book. 
  • can express their critical ideas both written and verbally.
  • can make research by appealing to foreign literature.  
  • are acquianted with different cultures and have respect for cultural differences.  
  • can watch foreign TV programs and follow foreign websites.  
  • improve their creativity and put it into practice via the projects and compositions they prepare.
  • can analyze and interpret original artistic products (short story, novel, poetry, drama, film) and can make problem solving and analyzing practices.
  • learn several narrative and writing styles (letter writing, narrative essay, descriptive essay, persuasive essay, etc.) and can write in these styles
  • reflect the characteristics of the IB learner profile. Thus our students begin their higher education as critically thinking, researching, risk taking, principled, open minded, responsive and distinguished individuals who are equipped with foreign language skills, who can express themselves self-confidently and who re respectful to other cultures.

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