From Our School Principal

Dear Parents,

Turkish National Education curriculum has been implemented together with international education programmes in the light of the principles and revolutions of Atatürk by Marmara Education Institutions since 1985.

Elementary and secondary education programmes, which underlie the whole education process has an indisputable importance. Our experienced teachers and administrators plan and implement teaching and learning processes in order to provide that our students reach high academic standards within this process. These studies constitutes an investigation-based education programme. Our aim is to contribute to our students’ ability to transform the knowledge acquired from the school to real life skills.

Our education programme includes the attitudes, skills and behaviours that make it possible for our students to become distinguished individuals who adopts learning and education as a lifelong principle.

To that end, the IB programmes implemented by our school enable that our students grow as well-qualified individuals in every sense. Our school provides many sport and art activities that our students can select in accordance with their interests. Within this process we aim at having our students discover their abilities and skills so as to improve them. In this direction, we render an education and training environment which support the holistic improvement we aim at.

The learner profile that we aim for in line with the philosophy of our school is to raise highly self-confident students who are conscious of their individual and social responsibilities, who have the ability of free thinking and learning and who can not only use their mother tongue efficiently but also communicate at least in two foreign languages. Marmara Private Elementary and Secondary Schools are among the schools most successful in foreign language teaching with both their native-speaker and specialised Turkish teaching staff. The English language teaching begins from the 1st grade of elementary school as the primary foreign language. And as from the 4th grade, our students begins the second foreign language learning process by selecting among the languages of German, French and Spanish.

In Marmara Education Village there are all kinds of fields and spaces contributing to the improvement of our students, from science laboratories and computer classrooms to sport fields and art ateliers.

I would like to sum up our understanding of education which is put into practice in the light of Atatürkist thought with the following maxim of Gazi Mustafa Kemal:

“Education is such that it either keeps a nation alive as a free, independent and noble society or leads it to captivity and poverty.” For “the most effective instrument of becoming a fused nation and a free and democratic modern society that is on the road of progress is education.”

Kind Regards,

Marmara Private Elementary School Principal

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