Guidance and Counseling


  • To support the social, emotional and intellectual development of the student,
  • To provide that the student develop a sense of self-confidence and self-respect,
  • To help the student to develop the skills of problem-solving and coping,  
  • To provide that the student recognize her/his abilities and know herself/himself,
  • To help the student to look life positively, to recognize her/his own powers and limits, and to set realistic goals before her/him in order to achieve her/his goals and succeed.


Studies for Students: Our counselling services are based on recognizing the interests, abilities and personal characteristics of our students through observation, tests and inventories;  understanding and orienting them in the correct way. In our studies for the students, our aim is to provide that they know themselves, develop their academic and other skills, and acquire positive personal characteristics. Considering the age groups and development level, we make studies that provide an opportunity and an appropriate environment for them to become individuals who are sensitive both to themselves and their environment and who have the basic life skills.  

1.Orientation Studies: We give support to the students who have just started school as absolute beginners or as post facto enrollment.  

2. Studies for Knowing the Student: 

  • Draw a Family Picture 
  • Autobiography
  • Sociometry (implemented every year once at each semester).
  • Core Capability Test-TKT (implemented one time in each term every year with an aim to assign the interests and abilities of the 4th grade students. The results are shared with the students and parents).
  • My Thoughts about Myself  
  • Sentence Completion Test 
  • Learning Styles Test 
  • Individual tests and scales implemented if needs be 

3 – Supportive Studies for Personal Development

The aim of the group works held in various matters is to increase the self-awareness of the students who are in need of support within the group, to develop their skills and to contribute their reflecting these skills into concrete behaviors.  

Group Studies

  • Coping with Exam Anxiety: Three-session group study carried out with the aim of increasing the students’ skills of coping with exam anxiety. 
  • Developing Social Skills: Five-session group study carried out with the aim of developing the students’ social skills (communication, anger management, problem solving, identification and expression of emotions).
  • Attention and Concentration: Five-session group study carried out with the aim of enhancing the students’ level of attention and concentration.
  • Effective Study: Orientation and Catch-up works are done for parents and students with the aim of acquiring students the habit of studying.
  • Besides, various other studies are available if there is need.

4 . Orientation studies for social activities and clubs

Students are guided in order to incline towards social activities and clubs where they can develop their interests and abilities and to attend activities that will support their personality development.

5. Character Education

“Character Education” implemented in our school is a values training. Our purpose is to raise distinguihed and special individuals successful in life skills as well as in the academic sense. Our aim is to contribute to their development as individuals of merit by various values we assign every year.  Our objective is to provide that our students raise as individuals who,

  • know themselves and express their feelings and thoughts without having difficulty,
  • can take and discharge responsibilities,
  • act in a courageous, decent and just way,
  • adopt life long learning as a principle and are sensitive to their environment and to the world in general,
  • give importance to affection and tolerance,
  • have the skills of problem solving and the determination of coping with problems they encounter,

Within the scope of character education, every year various activities on the assigned themes are carried out:

  • Class Activities
  • School Activities (Affection Day, Creative Hats, Responsible Catkins, T-Shirts of Sincerity, etc.)
  • Parent Bulletins
  • Home Activities (Stairs of Responsibility, Wheel of Objectives, Window of Tolerance, Creative Hats, etc.)

6 – Vocational Guidance

  • Knowing Oneself (academic success, goals and expectations, strengths and weaknesses, etc.)
  • Discovering One’s Interests and Abilities (Results of tests, surveys, inventories, and observation and interview records, etc.)
  • Information about professions and schools

6 – Seminars and Catch-Up Meetings for Students

  • Seminars on adolescence, sexual health education and hygiene
  • Effective Study Methods
  • Goal Setting 
  • Protection from Bad Habits

Studies for Parents

Group studies are regularly held in order to inform the parents, to strengthen the parent-school-student relationship, and to exchange views in general.

Group Works

  • "Setting Limits to the Child"
  • "Effective Parent Education – Communication Skills"
  • "Living with the Adolescent"
  • "Sibling Jealousy" 
  • "Coping with Problems"
  • "Successful Family – Successful Child“
  • Individual Interviews 
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Character Education
  • Parent Bulletin
  • Terapi Journal
  • SBS Catch-Up Meetings

Some Seminars and Lectures Given by Specialists

  • “Quality Communication in the Family and the School” Prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen 
  • “Basic Principles of Education” Prof. Dr. Norma Razon 
  • “Media Literacy” Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan 
  • “Adolescence, Sexual Health and Hygiene” Nurcan Müftüoğlu (TAV) 
  • “Divorce and Its Effects on Family Members” Dr. Armağan Sabancı 
  • “Attention Skill and Its Effect on Success” Assistant Prof. Tamer Ergin 
  • “Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit” Prof. Dr. Yankı Yazgan 

Studies for Teachers

  • Inservice Training Seminars
  • Supportive Studies for Class Counselling Implementations
  • Orientation Studies
  • Effective Teaching Seminars and Conferences (Communication, Understanding the Adolescent, Sexual Health Training, Hygiene, etc.)
  • Briefing on the studies for students

Book and Film Suggestions

  • Setting Limits (Robert J. Mackenzie) 
  • İletişim Çalışmaları ve Empati (Üstün Dökmen)
  • Verimli Ders Çalışmanın Psikolojik Koşulları (Yılmaz Özakpınar)
  • Promoting Self-Discipline in Children (Thomas Gordon)
  • Babam ve Oğlum (director: Çağan Irmak)
  • Good Will Hunting 
  • Feild of Dreams
  • Life is Beautiful 
  • Patch Adams
  • Leon: The Professional

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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