Halikarnassos Culture Center


The conference hall where college students find the opportunity of staging the yearlong works they prepared within the scope of branch courses (modern dance, baletli music, folk dances, drama, etc.) and Foreign Language courses have the feature of being the largest culture center in Bodrum.

In Bodrum Marmara College, Halikarnassos Culture Center many activities are held during the year. The culture center where students stage their shows and other works they prepared under the guidance of their teachers, also brings the students together with various performances of guests artists hosted by our school throughout the year. College students share the projects they hold in cooperation with nongovernmental organisations as well as with national and international sister schools in line with the principle of volunteering with their friends, teachers and parents. Halikarnasos Culture Center hosts scientific and academic meetings, symposiums, seminars, panel discussions as well as artistic and cultural events like concerts, exhibitions, plays, film screenings, etc. that are open to public, assuming a public cultural mission. 

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