Healthcare Services
  • Daylong infirmary service is rendered to our students by the school nurse.
  • Parents fill the “Student Health Form” in the beginning of the academic year. The students having chronic diseases are identified so as to be monitored.
  • The students who have to go to the infirmary during the lesson take Infirmary Referral Document from the Assistant Principal to deliver the Form to their subject teacher who is present at the classroom at the time. Then they can go to the infirmary with the Infirmary Referral Document. Getting better, they can return their classroom after getting the Document signed by the infirmary officer.
  • The Supervisor of the Healthcare Unit makes the necessary intervention and informs the related assistant principal if the student should be sent home or her/his parents should be informed. If the student went to the infirmary during the break time, the Supervisor of the Healthcare Unit informs the assistant principal after making the necessary intervention. The Supervisor of the Healthcare Unit enters all the infirmary applications to the “Infirmary Book.”
  • Besides the personnel of the Healthcare Unit in the school, a doctor and a nurse also renders daylong service at the Health Center at the campus.
  • An ambulance is kept ready 7/24 for emergencies.

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