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PYP which is developed for children of 3–12 age group is an international and trans-disciplinary programme that lay stress on the students’ social, physical, cultural and emotional development besides their academic knowledge acquisition, therefore aim at the whole development process of the child.

PYP is a framework programme designed according to researches and implementations carried out on national and international curriculum programmes in numerous countries. The schools implementing the PYP form their original curriculum within a particular framework.

In Marmara Education Institutions, the teaching of all the courses and units that are obligatory according to the teaching programme of the Ministry of National Education is fundamental. All the units within the programme of the Ministry of Education are organized as “PYP units of inquiry” under 6 themes, and the students’ access to knowledge through the method of inquiry and the approach of full learning is provided.

In this way, obligatory units are enriched in line with the PYP’s international perspective and objective of accessing universal values. PYP clearly indicates that knowledge does not suffice in itself, and the students need to develop proper skills and attitudes within the frame of certain concepts as well. PYP is a programme which aims at obtaining the above-mentioned teaching results assigned through the attitudes, skills and concepts intended for the students’ acquisition of an international perspective.



They nurture their natural curiosity. They have the necessary skills necessary for making purposeful and constitutive research. They actively enjoy learning. And pursue learning throughout their lives.


They use critical and creative thinking skills and take initiative to analyze, to make sound decisions and take responsible action on complex problems.


They can access knowledge and express themselves confidently in more than one language including that of mathematical symbols.


We approach uncertain situation with determination and they have the confidence and autonomy necessary for inquiring new roles, ideas and strategies. They are brave and do not hesitate to openly express themselves when arguing for something they believe.


They spare time for inquiring globally important matters and acquire a significant know-how.


They grasp the principles of morality quite well. They act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice.


They care for others’ needs and emotions. We have a personal commitment to service and action for others.


They have respect for the opinions, values and traditions of different people and cultures. They seek and evaluate a range of points of views, not confining themselves with a monolithic perspective.


They well grasp the importance of physical and mental health.


They carefully observe their teachers and analyse their weaknesses and strengths.

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