Science Laboratories

  • Science subjects are taught accompanied by experiments conducted in two science and technology laboratories which are equipped with every kind of instruments, materials and technological opportunities.
  • Laboratory works enables students not only to practice their theoretical knowledge but also to improve their abilities of planning, observation, making inferences and interpretation by taking part in the scientific process itself.
  • Furthermore, our students have the opportunity of attending national and international scientific project contests with the laboratory works they carry out in these world-standard laboratories.

Computer Laboratories

  • In our school there are two information techonologies laboratories, each equipped with 21 Internet-enabled computers.
  • In this laboratories, it is provided that our students be familiarized with the latest technology, get to know information Technologies and improve their academic skills in line with the technological characteristics of the day.
  • Network infrastructure has been constructed throughout the school and fast, unlimited Internet connection of the school network has been provided.
  • Each computer in the laboratories has the operating systems, wordprocessing, tabulation, presentation – illustration and data base softwares.
  • In our laboratories, in which the students sit at desks that are designed in U-shape as facing the projection screen andcan use the computer in line with the purpose of Information Technologies course, the courses are taught according to the schedules planned in the beginning of the academic year.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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