• Our library is located on an area of 1315 m².
  • It has a lounge for155 people and a collection including 16.536 books.
  • There are 12 Internet-enabled computers in the library which is subscribed to 30 periodicals.
  • The publications in the library is placed as open shelf according to Dewey Classification System.
  • In our library the library programme YORDAM is being used.
  • Every class has its own library hour. Within the library hour, the library is introduced and the students are taught how they can benefit from the library and how they can access information using the resources. The students read the books they select anda re asked to represent them.
  • All the students, teachers and employees of Marmara Education Institutions are automatically enrolled to the library.
  • Elementary and secondary school students can borrow at most two books for a week.
  • The reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, books of map, etc.), the latest issues of periodicals, newspapers and books of historical value are not lent.

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