Meetings with the School Administration

Our parents have the opportunity to meet with the school administrators in every day of the week. Apart from exceptional situations, our parents may get an appointment for meetings with the school administration.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

The parent-teacher meeting schedule announced to our parents at the beginning of every academic year is programmed with the intention of creating an informative, problem-solving and efficient environment for students and parents. In line with this meeting schedule our parents regularly meet the teachers and by this way can monitor the student’s academic standing and develop strategies with the teachers to increase the success level of the students, which are of great importance for the development of the student. Parent-teacher meetings begin two weeks later than the beginning of each semester and end two weeks before each semester ends.

Parents’ Meetings

Two general parents’ meetings are held within the academic year. The meetings are held at the very weekend of the interim report card week. The main objective of parents’ meetings is to provide parents the opportunity to evaluate their students’ academic standing at the level of each course in company with teachers.

Psychological Counsellor – Parent Meetings

Our students’ social, emotional and mental development, adaptation to the school and academic performance is observed and monitored in collaboration with all the teachers. Psychological Counselling and Guidance department make interview with students and parents when regarded necessary. Our parents who want to interview with Psychological Counselling and Guidance Center may get an appointment for every weekday.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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