• Making music actively by oneself is seen an existential matter these days and considered among the basic rights of every child. 
  • Music training is the most positive activity implementation method for the children to discover their own artistic abilities. The principle that music should be taught not by concepts and rules, but in a musical way is and will be essential in music training.
  • The basic purpose in basic music training is to develop the child’s imagination, sense of rhythm and musical aptitude by arousing musical interest.
  • In our school, music training begins from the age of three both visually and practically. Every month a famous composer and a music instrumen are introduced to the students, and orf techniques are extensively applied. Our students receive metallophone, melodica and block flute beginning from kindergarten. Skilled and eager students are encouraged to play an instrument at their own will. 
  • Our school chorus work systematically throughout the year and represent our school in various activities. Furthermore, our students who can play an instrument or sing songs exhibit their ability to the school community within the scope of “Little Artists Concert” activity organized in the end of the academic year.

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