Our Philosophy

In line with the general philosophy of Marmara Private Education Institutions, while learning foreign language our students raise as “lifelong learners” and “world citizens” by developing the skills and attitudes stated in the learner profile besides acquiring foreign language skills. 


To provide that our students can express themselves in the best way in English at both written and verbal levels.

To provide that our students acquire knowledge about the cultures of the countries the language of which they learn while improving their langugae skills.

To provide that they compare their culture with other cultures through foreign language learning and to create awareness both about their local culture and other cultures.

To contribute to the students’ raising as individuals respectful towards others’ national values as well as those of their own.

To provide that they acquire a internationalist and critical perspective by having them get access to works and other resources in English.

To provide that our students become aware that English is a communication means necessary for getting access to knowledge instead of being a mere lesson while helping them achieve all these goals.

Parent Letters

Feedbacks from our Distinguished Parents

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