Our Understanding

Bodrum Marmara College commenced service with the motto “from Kindergarten to University” in October 3, 1998 at the 75th year of our Republic with the ceremony attended by Mesut Yılmaz, the PM of the period. As the educators of Bodrum Marmara Private Elementary School, our aim is to raise individuals who believe in the democratic values of Atatürk, are devoted to the principles of the Republic, love their country and nation, know about other cultures as well as their own culture, can competently communicate in at least one foreign language besides their mother tongue and who can openly and confidently express their feelings and ideas. Our primary objective is to render our students successful not only in the society they live in but also in international level. To this end, we put the full learning model into practice internalizing the philosophy of lifelong learning and organizing the education system in a wholly student-centered way.

Parent Letters

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