Parent-Teacher Association

Administrative Body
1 Elvan Oal Chair 2.Sınıf Velisi OAB’ de 2.Yılı / English Teacher
2 Dilek Kızılkaya Vice Chairman 3rd Grade Parent 3rd year in PTA / Housewife
3 Hazel Aydın Başar Accountant 2nd Grade Parent 2nd year in PTA / Administrator
4 Nuray Aslan Secretary 4th Grade Parent 3rd year in PTA / Food Engineer – Quality Consultant
5 Mürvet Dökücü Member 6th Grade Parent 3rd year in PTA / Pharmaceutist
6 Arzu Mepa Özel Member 5th and 7th Grade Parent 4th year in PTA / Industrial Engineer - Entrepreneur
7 Pınar Pirim Member 1st Grade Parent OAB' de 1.Yılı / Architect
Supervisory Board
1 Tuğba Kutlu Member 2nd Grade Parent 2nd year in PTA / English Teacher
2 Sibel Bal Member 6th Grade Parent 2nd year in PTA / Accountant

Marmara Education Institutions, Istanbul Marmara Elementary and Secondary Schools Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) comprises the parents and teachers of Marmara Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Marmara Education Institutions, Istanbul Marmara Elementary and Secondary Schools PTA has been founded with the purpose of providing the integration between the school and families and the collaboration between parents and teachers, and it bears the name of our school.

The Objectives of Our Parent-Teacher Association

  • To conduct social responsibility projects,
  • To carry out joint works with social welfare associations when necessary,
  • To provide parent-school integration by organizing seminars, meetings and similar activities and create various funds for these activities,
  • To contribute to the institutionalization of our school,
  • To provide that our students, so important for the future of our country, are raised as well as possible by contributing to their education.

Activities Carried Out in line with These Objectives

Celebrations and Ceremonies: Parent-Teacher Association members attend specials days such as Teachers Day, 1st graders Reading Fest and 8th graders Graduation Ceremony to share the special moments of the school community. They conduct activities and awards (medals, presents, etc.) in order to appreaciate and support the achievements of the students.

Seminars: In addition to the seminars conducted by the School Administration and the Counselling Service, Parent-Teacher Association organizes various seminars and panels in with the purpose of raising consciousness of parents and teachers in important current issues, od creating an athmosphere of exchange of ideas and of contributing to the school-family collaboration.

Social Responsibility Projects & Campaigns: One primary activity of the Parent-Teacher Association is to support the social responsibility projects conducted within the body of the school; to help out the schools and students short of various opportunities by organizing aid campaigns; to donate charity foundations and associations through various activities conducted with the financial support of the parents; and to organize various social responsibility projects that will be attended by parents and students.

Excursions – Parent Dinners: Parent-Teacher Association organizes historical and cultural excursions twice at least every year in order to provide effective communication and integration among parents. Programmes with accomodation options are prepared with the purpose of contributing to the student-parent-school integration. In addition to these, parent dinners are organized with the aim of having pleasant times together while at the same time trying to create fund for socially beneficial projects.

Kermes: Charity sales are organized according to the activity timetable every year to contribute to the funds of social responsibility projects.

Communication with Parents: Parent-Teacher Association regularly carries out information transfer through the announcement boards and the website of our school. Announcements are made before the seminars, campaigns, excursions, dinners and similar organizations.

Parent-Teacher Association e-mail address:

Marmara Private Elementary Schools Parent-Teacher Association organized a meeting on October 9, 2013 in order to assign the new administration board according to the Parent-Teacher Association legislation of the Ministry of National Education. As a result of the elections, the administrative board of our Parent-Teacher Association has been assigned as follows:

We wish success to the members of administrative and supervisory boards in their new positions.

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