Public Relations

Public Relations Unit conducts promotion and media activities in order to provide that the institutional identity of Bodrum Marmara College is publicly perceived among the employees and target groups in line with our institutional quality policy and strategic objectives.

All kinds of activities organized within our school and at Halikarnassos Culture Center, our students’ achievements in various fields are released to the public via the pres bulletins this unit, and by this way it is provided that the media easily follows the developments and news regarding our school.

Public Relations Unit works in coordination with other units in the preparation of seminars of cultural, scientific, artistic, sportive, etc. content, exhibitions, concerts, drama performances, symposiums, panels, meetings, ceremonies, festivals, etc. as well as the presentations and shows the students produce under the guidance of their teachers. The unit provides that these activities and the communication bulletins are announced and delivered to parents, the school community and other relevant people and media organizations via e-mail, sms and mail.

In addition, all the printed materials as well as written and visual documents are prepared by this unit.

Our parents can gain access to Public Relations unit either via the e-mail address or by phone. In order to prevent inconveniences that can be encountered in communication, it is important for our parents to notify this unit of their contact details or any change of them.

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