Rewards and Sanctions

Behaviours Calling for Sanction and Amendatory-Guiding Sanction Options

* Negative behaviours within the intervention and decision scope of the teacher are encountered by the verbal warning of the teacher when done for the first time.

**In case that the student repeats that way of behaviour despite she/he is informed about its incorrectness, the class teacher imposes a sanction she/he deems suitable for raising consciousness.

*** The determination that the incorrect behaviour has become a habit necessitates the intervention of the school administration, parent-teacher association and the guidance and counselling service in the process for the search for more serious and permanent solutions.  With this an observation process including all teachers begins in order to determine if the behaviours of the students calls for further sanctions.  

Important note: A co-decision is implemented depending on the severity of the negative behaviour after the opinion of the School Administration and the Behavioral Evaluation Committee is received.

Note: From the 1st to the 4th grade, in the solution of conflicts among students Solution Spheres are used.


  • The Student of the Week Award (Casual Dress)
  • Behaviour Bus Award (Entertaining Activities)
  • The Student of the Month with Exemplary Behaviours (Movie Ticket)
  • Improvement / Effprt Award  

*These awards are given by co-decision in consequence of the observations of class and subject teachers. Granting of the awards is carried out by the school administration and the guidance and counselling unit.

To be given throughout a semester;

  • Students who get 3 certificates of award receives a “Letter of Thanks” by the class teacher.
  • Students who get 5 certificates of award receives a “Letter of Thanks” by the assistant principal.
  • Students who get 8 certificates of award receives a “Letter of Thanks” by the school principal to be sent to the student’s parents.

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