Physical Training

Physical Training Department of our school aims to teach students Atatürk principles and revolutions, the basic principles of national education and the particular and general purposes of Physical Training. In addition to these, the purposes of Physical Training lessons are as follows:

  • To prioritize the development of daily life skills and to have students acquire right character traits via physical activities,
  • To have them make sport an intergral part of their lives,
  • To help students to maximize their capacity of motion by educating them through physical activities, 
  • To teach each student the methods that will lead optimum success within the limit of their own abilities and skills,
  • To provide a healthy and balanced mental, emotional and social development fort hem through play,
  • To have students grasp the importance of balanced nutrition for a healthy development,
  • To have students acquire self-confidence and the skill to create practical solutions to the problems they encounter,
  • To give students information about hygiene, sports injuries and first-aid.

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